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  • Shimpei Ogawa

    Shimpei Ogawa


    From when he was a student, Shimpei was involved in stock trading and database services. Published three books. Manages and takes part in several blockchain, crypto-currency related businesses and projects. Not only does he develop Dapps, but he also engages in promotion, such as being a speaker for spreading Crypto-currencies. Engaged as a presale investor, when more than 30 projects were at the state of ICO. Moved to Singapore in 2015. Became Southeast Asia's largest OTC desk and conducts system trading such as arbitrage. February, 2018, establishes 0x Holdings.

  • Shuhei Hayashi

    Shuhei Hayashi


    Born in Kobe, Japan in 1988. Business Designer. Established a membership business that conducts from product planning to marketing. After that, established a web designing company but decided to sell the company after three years of continuous growth. He decided to then establish a private office as a business consultant, while purchasing an apparel business. After successful rebranding, cultivated new clients. Became the COO of 0xHoldings and aims to design a futuristic society of cryptocurrencies.

  • Ken Takahashi

    Ken Takahashi


    Graduated from Keio University, then Keio Graduate school. His major was analyzing the agricultural growth model using AI. After working as an SE for Works Applications, he became the representative for a company that specializes in AI development. Currently, he is developing a trading strategy that utilizes AI for a foreign hedge fund as well as development for various AI related projects for large companies in Japan. In the Crypto-currency field, he develops systems such as exchanges and trading logics that use AI and arbitrage.