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What is 0x Holdings?

0x Holding is a global firm and an engine that further accelerates the potential of Ethereum ecosystem.
0xHD is an accelerator of the Ethereum ecosystem and is actively expanding in all directions. To support projects, we offer IR activities and fund raising for investors, and PR and marketing for users.
We also have a development team specialized in Solidity, which is the development language of Ethereum, and are also developing systems utilizing the blockchain and smart contract technologies.
Centered in Singapore, we have bases in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, UAE, Taipei and other countries. We pride ourselves in having global partnerships mainly in Asia including China, and Russia.
We will continue to actively work towards the future of maximizing the Ethereum ecosystem.

Company Profile

Company name 0x Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Location #09-234 230 Orchard Rd,Singapore 238854
Established February 2018
Capital 5,000,000 USD


  • 0x Management

    OTC Platform


    A developer and operator of an alt coin OTC platform. Aims to be No.1 in Asia in terms of trading volume.

  • Genesis Platform

    A Fund Function


    Assesses crypto projects with great potential and provides financial support similar to a fund.

  • 0x Technologies


    United Arab Emirates

    A development team working with the Solidity language. Also actively employs other genres of technology companies, such as algorithm trading using AI.